Monday 23 January 2023

Pete and his Pimple, guest scripted by Charlie Brooker

I usually wrote my own material for Oink! comic but back in 1987 Charlie Brooker supplied a very funny script for an episode of Pete and his Pimple that was a pleasure to draw.

Charlie was the youngest contributor to Oink! and only 15 or 16 at the time but he was delivering the laughs even then. He also drew strips himself for the comic and had a nice cartooning style.

Charlie later moved on to work in television of course, being responsible for shows such as Screen Wipe and Black Mirror. I wish he'd done more comic strips, but the comic industry's loss was television's gain. 

Thanks to Oink! Blogger Phil Boyce for reminding me of the time that Charlie Brooker and I collaborated on a page. You can read more about this issue of Oink! over on Phil's blog at this link:



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PhilEdBoyce said...

Thanks for the plug, Lew. You're right, its such a shame he didn't do more comics work but he clearly found his calling in TV.