Saturday, 24 July 2021

The Shrewsbury Comics Trail is on!


I'm pleased I can finally share this! The Shrewsbury Comics Trail was launched today and I'm proud to be one of the nine artists who were commissioned to contribute artwork for the Trail, based on a script by John Wagner. Artists on the other boards are: Charlie Adlard, Doug Braithwaite, Sonia Leong, Rachael Smith, Al Davison, Hannah Berry, Mike Perkins, and Jimmy Broxton. 

The nine boards tell the story of Shrewsbury Town, with my piece being about The Dingle area. As it's famous for its flower show I thought I'd make it bright and colourful and use flowers to separate the various scenes I was asked to draw.


All the art has been enlarged to billboard size and situated in various parts of Shrewsbury, with my board in the Dingle. If you're in Shrewsbury or visiting the town, check them out!

For more info visit their Facebook page...

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