Saturday, 8 February 2020


Back in September The Beano commissioned me to do several drawings of their characters to be used in various places. One of those drawings, Lord Snooty, appears in next week's Beano, hosting the reader's pages. 

Presumably the other drawings will appear at some point. I did one for each of the Bash Street Dogs plus Biffo and his pal Buster. (Yes, D.C. Thomson's version of Buster in the beret, not the cloth-capped one owned by Rebellion that I've just drawn for the Cor!! Buster Easter Special. Good job I didn't get them confused!)

In case you're wondering, no, Lord Snooty isn't the new strip I'm doing that will replace Pup Parade in March. My new strip features a character I'd never drawn before, but I did do a series of Lord Snooty mini-strips for the Beano a few years ago... and I've done a few more for the Beano Annual 2021, which will be out in August of this year. 



Peter Gray said...

Will keep guessing... :)

Lew Stringer said...

The last Pups will be in issue 4024 so it might reveal the replacement then in the next issue page. (Not sure.)

Manic Man said...

of course, you can't say yet but lets think.. Beano characters (or characters appearing in the Bean) which you haven't drawn yet.. mm pre-existing..

Pansy Potter, Baby Face Finlayson.. I don't know if anyone is doing Billy the Cat right now.
Grandpa? I mean.. a strip by Ken Reid and then Robert Nixon, and not in print? bit of a disgrace if you as me..

Lew Stringer said...

None of the above. 😊

I think that Grandpa, as he was depicted, looks simply too old fashioned now for today's readers. No ones grandad looks like that now, so he'd have to be completely updated if they revived the character, in my opinion.