Saturday, 22 February 2020

Art sale. Going, going....

A final reminder that the auction on some of my artwork ends soon! Bidding concludes on Sunday 23rd February (tomorrow, or today, whenever you're reading this) so get those bids in if you want to win!

Three of the four items already have bids, but at time of writing the two Team Toxic pages (listed as one item) have no bids as yet. 

Anyway, all bids are very much appreciated, believe me. I'm very grateful for your interest. Here's the listings...


A Combat Colin/Robo-Capers full pager from 1989:

A Tom Thug page from 1986 that includes the very first Pete and his Pimple strip:

A Daft Dimension strip featuring the Daleks from Doctor Who Magazine

A two page Team Toxic story (without word balloons) from Toxic (2019):

Oh, and I'm also selling a hardback Marvel Masterworks: Warlock Vol.1:

Good luck with your bids!


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