Saturday, 1 February 2020

Preview of BEANO No.4021

Sometimes a piece of artwork turns out exactly how you wanted to, and I was pleased with this panel from next week's Pup Parade strip in Beano No.4021. Bones' face conveys the expression of a happy dog, and who doesn't like to see a dog that's happy?

I also did the artwork for a puzzle page in next week's issue, which meant I got to draw these Bash Street Kids...
...which I then arranged into a grid format for the Bash Street Crush page. The skilled Beano designers added the slick looking phone and the brick wall, logo etc. 
Beano No.4021 will be in the shops on Wednesday 5th February, and this is the cover to look out for by Nigel Parkinson and the Beano design team...
Pup Parade will skip issue 4022 as it's a Bananaman special (celebrating 40 years of the character) but they'll be back in issue 4023, ending in 4024, to make way for my new strip starting in No.4025! More news on that in a few weeks! 


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