Monday 9 December 2019

Pete's Pimple could be yours! (Update: SOLD!)

This is my ORIGINAL ART for the Pete and his Pimple strip that was published in an issue of OINK! comic in 1987. The artwork is drawn in black ink embellished with a grey wash and grey pencil. Drawn on Bristol board and then affixed to a sheet of cartridge paper underneath with Spray Mount, although the art can be easily removed from the backing sheet if required. (Personally I'd keep it fixed to the backing sheet as it's survived perfectly well for over 30 years like that.) 

I signed it in the last panel. See photos for more detail. 

Size 37cm wide by 32cm high. 

The art will be securely packaged between strong card for posting and wrapped in parcel paper. 
This item will only run until December 15th to try to avoid Christmas post delays so buy soon if you want it. Thanks. Update 10th Dec: SOLD!

See listing here:



Manic Man said...

Double your money, Also feature Cameo appearance by Brickman!

hope it goes well though. £80 isn't too bad a price for it, though I must admit to never reading Oink back in the day (don't remember EVER seeing it in any shop locally, which isn't a surprise) and I'm sad to that that money and space limit what I feel I really want to own. Though, like I said, it's a nice piece for a fan

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, it sold before you commented, Ryan. Didn't you notice the update?

Admittedly original art is too expensive for some (I don't buy any myself now) but it went to a good home. I appreciate you supporting my Combat Colin comics anyway.

Manic Man said...

mm.. didn't see the update before I posted.. I know there is a delay due to confirming but that shouldn't have been that long.. but oh well ^_^ good it sold

Lew Stringer said...

Your comment must have been delayed for some reason. I only saw it a short time before I passed it through but I see you commented hours before that. Blogger glitch I guess.

That said, some comments will take hours to approve if I'm away or not at my computer.