Monday, 23 December 2019

Christmas flashback

Flashback to October 2008 when I was drawing the Team Toxic story for that year's Christmas edition of Toxic

As you can see, back then, 11 years ago, I was inking with a dip-nib and pot of ink. I've used various methods for inking over the years, from Rapidographs throughout the Tom Thug /Combat Colin days of the '80s and '90s, to dip-nibs at the start of this Century, and these days I use brush pens and fibre-tip pens. (I never got the hang of using a brush. That requires a very steady hand and doesn't suit everyone's style.)

If memory serves me right, the reason I stopped inking with a dip-nib was because I could no longer get the smooth quality Bristol board I was using and the new texture made the nibs stick a bit (and splatter the ink). Also, waiting for the ink to dry was time consuming. These days I use Canson Bristol board pads.

I used to enjoy writing/drawing Team Toxic for 16 years but sadly it went reprint a year ago thanks to Egmont suddenly cutting the magazine's budget. They don't pay creators a penny for reprints so I no longer buy the mag. Bitter? No, that's the way that company operates unfortunately and I learned to expect it. That's comics!


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