Monday 7 January 2019

Looks familiar!

There's a familiar face in the background of one panel in this week's Judge Dredd strip. You may recognise that red bobble-hat and gormless grin. It's all legit though. Artist Jeff Anderson asked me if he could draw a Combat Colin lookalike in the scene and I was happy to agree for him to do it. 

The story is Blocks Buds and appears in 2000AD Prog 2113, on sale Wednesday 9th January. Here's the cover to look out for...
Cover by Patrick Goddard / Jim Boswell.
This isn't the first time that 2000AD has referenced one of my characters. Back in 1987 this panel appeared in the Judge Dredd story in 2000AD Prog 550 written by John Wagner...
Art by Will Simpson.
You can read more about that issue here:

All good fun, and harmless in-jokes for those in the know, - and if you're interested in checking out my Combat Colin comics, the first three issues are available to buy exclusively from me at my online store here....

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