Friday, 19 October 2018

The Lewniverse awaits

It's always a risk to self-publish, but I've produced six comics over the past three years and they've all been steady sellers. (Well, I hope Combat Colin No.3, out tomorrow, will be the same anyway.) 

They'll never make me rich, - it's just a sideline to my mainstream comics work, - but they break even and I enjoy putting them together and bringing my old characters back into print. Some people can't understand the pleasure of producing comics for limited financial gain, but that's their loss. I enjoy the creative control and people enjoy reading them, so that's my reward.

All of these comics will be available to buy at Nottingham Comic Con this Saturday, 20th October, at the Nottingham Conference Centre, Level 0. Hope to see you there!

Incidentally, in case you were puzzled because I'd previously said Brickman Returns had sold out... I found a few at the bottom of a box today, so I'll be bringing those along to Nottingham. (I'll be doing a third printing next year.)

I'll update my online shop next week so you can buy Combat Colin No.3 from there too!

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