Saturday, 6 October 2018

Have you subscribed to GOOF! yet?

First Saturday in the month means a new issue of Goof! comic is online, including all-new Derek the Troll and lots of stuff by other cartoonists. The strips are creator-owned and the idea is we'll receive an equal share of the profits... but no sales will mean no money, so we need your support! 

Subscriptions are just £12 for all 12 monthly issues, and whichever number you start subscribing with you'll still have access to the back issues so you won't miss a thing! 

Have you subscribed yet? If not, what are your reservations? If you have, what do you think of the comic? Post a comment below, pro or con, and let me know.

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Manic Man said...

Yep, I've subscribed. Trying to think.. It's okay but something isn't quite doing it for me.. well worth the money and everything, and there is some good stuff but something's kinda off but I don't know what... probably just me so that's nothing to worry about.. downloadable copies of the issues might be nice but it's not like it's hard to download them anyway.. Not very helpful that but oh well. Still good value for the money so no problem there.

Marc Jackson said...

That’s a particularly GOOF-like comment. You like it, you’re not sure! The whole point of GOOF! is that it is online, an online comic to be read online, it’s not a print comic and bear in mind, downloading the comics isn’t really cool and kind of violates the copyright, so maybe don’t do that! Stick with it, there will be new strips coming soon, maybe with something you might or might not like, but you might not be sure :)

Lew Stringer said...

Ryan, as Marc said, downloading the pages isn't a good thing to do. As I posted above, we depend on sales for it to make any money for us. It's only a pound an issue. Hopefully you just meant you downloaded them for yourself, not to share, but if you've found a way to do it I'm concerned that others who are less principled will be pirating and sharing the pages. Not cool.

Kal said...

Am subscribed. It's an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes reading and it's what, 4p a page?

There are a couple of strips that I don't care for, plenty more that I like, and three that I absolutely adore.

The three that really do it for me are Derek the Troll, Dwarf & Duck, and Flot & Zot (the style of which reminds me of Denis Gifford's so bloody much).

If the creators of those strips were on Patreon, I'd be bunging them at least a quid each per month to read them. As is, I'm getting all three, packaged together with another 20+ pages (the vast majority of which are pretty good) for a quid. Bargain!

Manic Man said...

yep, totally mean for my own use only. Problem with the modern world is back in the 90s, people knew the internet had speed issues and computers could take some time. these days, people expect the internet to be SUPER fast (mostly cause stupid ISPs are telling people that they are (which interestingly, they have all been issued with a new law saying that can't advertise a speed unless at least 50% of there customers CAN get that speed.. and notice how a lot of the adverts have now STOPPED saying the speed ^_^) and there are times when either internet access isn't there or not wanting to play ball. So being able to still view it on my computer regardless is a good thing for me. I wouldn't share them. A friend of mine (in Norway) did an online paid comic where it was a couple of pound an issue which was in black and white and ranged from about 46 pages to.. well, issue 5 was 126. Wouldn't share them, but they are now free (sorry but quick plug 'Sally the Ghost Hunter')

I perfectly understand and like comics which give the contributors a better share of the money (reminds me of something that western/gold key/dell used to do. If a comic was above the target, you got a bonus.. no other major comic company at the time did that. Encouraged the creators to do great work).

As for the site code.. it's tricky to stop downloading of online content because it's pretty much how the internet work. My computer sends a request to content a set location (URL address), Like the post office, the request is sent along a line of it being picked up and transported until it reaches the address. When there, another 'letter' is sent back contenting the contents of that page. it then is stored on my computer (Temporary internet files folder) and then viewed on the page. This all happens very fast. In the old days, people used to try scripts which disabled clicks for downloading, but that didn't do much because you could still save the content as it was already on your computer.

What might be a good idea if you are interested, you can get some good digital watermarking stuff which can put an invisible watermark in the files tied to the user account, even if the file is resaved, compressed etc. This will allow you to trace any leaks to the user account that did it.

anyway.. the comic is a good range of stuff to appeal to a good range of people, so it's okay some bits aren't my favourites ^_^ that's no problem. I'll stick with it and I can't see why I wouldn't renew after the first 12 issues.

Lew Stringer said...

Flot and Zot is brilliant, isn't it, Kal? Love that style, and, yes, it reminds me of Denis' work too.