Sunday, 21 October 2018

Back from Nottingham

My thanks to Kev Brett and his team for a very enjoyable Nottingham Comic Con yesterday. It was my first time as a guest at that show and I really enjoyed it. There was a steady stream of visitors to my table all day so I didn't have time to take many photos. Drew plenty of sketches of a variety of characters from Korky the Cat to Vampirella, and sold a few comics too. 

My table neighbours were the writer Michael Robertson and fellow cartoonist Marc Jackson. I hadn't met Michael before so it was good to make his acquaintance. As well as being an author he's also the publisher of Off-Kilter Comics which you can find here:

Marc Jackson is also the editor/publisher of online comic Goof! which you can find here:

It was also good to meet fellow Beano artist Steve Beckett at last, and to catch up with Matt Brooker, The Etherington Brothers, Steve Tanner and his family, - all too briefly unfortunately, and many more.

I was part of a panel on working in mainstream comics, alongside top artists Marc Laming and Chris Wildgoose, interviewed by the cartoonist Brick. An interesting and refreshing interview, focusing more on what the job involves rather than talking about the characters or the industry itself. 

All in all, Nottingham Comic Con was a great day, and an ideal show to end my run of conventions for this year (13 in all). 


Combat Colin No.3 made its debut at the convention, and will be on my online store sometime this week.


Kal said...

Been singing your praises on Facebook & Twitter, but it's only right to give your blog a bit of love too.

Was great to finally meet and chat with you. The sketches you did are wonderful and the third issue of Combat Colin is superb.

Thanks also for that artist ID. Looking at some of his other early work, I think you may be correct.

Lew Stringer said...

Good to meet you, Kal! Glad you like the sketches and comic.

I got the name of the artist wrong that I was thinking about. Bert Hill was an artist from the early days of comics. It's Gordon Hill I was thinking of. Sorry about that. I can see why you think it could be Nigel Edwards though. I just wish artists had been allowed to sign their work back then.

Kal said...

Hah! By the time I got back home and Googled, I thought you'd said Bob (AKA Gordon) Hill.