Thursday, 27 April 2017

Thank you, Leo!

The work of Leo Baxendale had a huge influence on the UK comics industry, and on me too. Seeing his work in Wham! in 1965 inspired me to create my own comics. Years later, when I was drawing Tom Thug for Buster, I added a cameo appearance by Grimly Feendish (one of Leo's best characters) into a story I did for the 1990 Buster / Monster Fun Holiday Special (see above). 

Sadly, Leo passed away last Sunday, age 86. There have been an incredible number of tributes to him online today, showing how much the artist and his creations were respected. Here's a tribute that I posted on my Blimey! blog this morning:

Rest In Peace, Leo, greatest humourist of British comics, and thank you for all the laughs and inspiration your pages gave to me.

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