Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Kid Cops, back on the beat

When The Dandy had its revamp in 2010, one of the strips I was commissioned to do was Kid Cops. Basically, as the title suggests, it was about two lads who police their local area dealing with bullies and suchlike. 

The initial concept was created at Dandy H.Q. so I was required to supply scripts based on that premise, design/name the characters, and draw the strip. (Their names are Officer Bobby and Sergeant Nick in case you didn't know.) The weekly Dandy ended in 2012 but since then they've popped up in The Dandy Annual and appeared in five mini-strips there last year.

This year, for The Dandy Annual 2018, Kid Cops return in two full page stories. I'll be showing some preview panels in the months to come, but I just wanted to give you that info for now. 

The Dandy Annual 2018 will be on sale late summer / early autumn. 

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