Saturday, 22 April 2017

Coming up this week...

Here's a quick preview of all the strips I have in print this coming week. On Wednesday 26th April, Epic No.131 features another two page Hygiene High story drawn by me and written by Niall Murray. This time, the filthy kids cause chaos on a school trip to a museum!

I also have three mini-strips in that issue, again written by Niall Murray. They are Disaster Chef (see preview at the top on this post), Eric Fail, and Zombie Sports...

That same day, Beano No.3882 has an insect theme, tying in with a free gift, so Ivy the Terrible reflects that... does Pup Parade, which guest-stars Walter and Tricky Dicky (and leads to an insect-themed joke). 

Epic No.131 and Beano No.3882 will both be in the shops on Wednesday 26th April. All images in this post are Copyright D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd.

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