Thursday, 23 October 2014

Zoony lives!

Here's a quick preview of the Zoony the Lazoon strip I did for the brand new issue of TV21
My original pencil roughs for the strip.
What!?! A new issue of TV21? B-but didn't that merge into Valiant in 1971? Yep, but for one issue only, Network have brought it back! Editor Martin Cater has professionally produced an all-new, 24 page full size paper edition of the comic as an exclusive part of Network's Supermarionation blu-ray box set, which is out now. More info on my other blog:

TV21 was my favourite comic of the sixties so to be asked to contribute to this one-shot revival was a dream come true! FAB!


Anonymous said...

Living the dream lew .....:) loved tv21 as a boy. Shame not available except in box set ...paul wilding

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, part of the deal unfortunately is that it cannot be sold separately.