Saturday, 11 October 2014

It's Daft week!

There's a few things I've worked on recently that I can't tell you about yet unfortunately but all will be revealed in the near future. Meanwhile, this coming Thursday (Oct.16th) , it's time for the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine to hit the stands. Above is a sneak preview of my Daft Dimension strip for that issue. Don't miss it! £4.99 for 84 pages of Doctor Who news, interviews, reviews, previews, and views! (Plus 12 pages of comic strip, not counting my own.)


Mark said...

I subscribe to Doctor Who Magazine so I won't miss it.

I have a couple of questions I was wondering about.

1. When you are working on the Beano for example, if the script calls for a crowd of people, can you draw in other Beano characters in the crowd just for the hell of it? For example in your Rasher comics could other DC Thompson copyright characters be drawn in without permission or would your bosses be annoyed?

2. Can you add things that are not in the script, like funny signs outside shops or inside jokes or references etc?

3. If an artist who draws a specific strip is ill or on holiday does the editor ever ring you up and say "Can you draw me a few Roger The Dodger strips" or whichever character the missing artist draws?


Lew Stringer said...

Hi Mark, happy to answer your questions.

1: The editors wouldn't be annoyed but I probably wouldn't add other Beano characters to crowd scenes unless they were part of the plot, as they might distract from the joke. I've featured various other Beano characters interacting with Rasher of course. Beano editors are happy to develop the idea of all of those characters living in the same town.

2: Yes, that happens quite often if there's room. Readers like that. We don't use it so much in mini-strips as it might interrupt the flow of a short joke.

3: A lot of artists have filled-in for absent artists on many occasions as the important thing is to get the comic out on time. I don't think they've ever asked me to do fill-ins though, but Tom Paterson filled in for me on two Super School strips when I was busy with personal stuff.