Sunday, 26 October 2014

This week's Ivy the Terrible

Here's a quick preview of a panel from the Ivy the Terrible strip I drew that appears in the current Beano. Dad's struggling to get Ivy in her car seat but as usual she's giving him a terrible time. 

The latest issue sees a slight price rise to £2.20 but it's still the cheapest comic on the shelves. 36 pages of all-new funnies every Wednesday. Support the longest running British comic and Never Be Without A Beano


Unknown said...

Lew, there will be a free Beano with The Daily Mirror on the 1st November. It will be advertised in Wednesday's Beano

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Callum. I knew of it, but couldn't mention it until the official announcement, which it has now received. I don't have anything in that one unfortunately but I'll still buy the Mirror that day to get a copy.

These free comics in papers are a great way to reach new readers and to let the older ones know that, yes, The Beano IS still being published. There'll be the usual moans from some when they discover that the comic is no longer 4d of course (and neither is the Mirror) but overall it should pick up a bunch of new readers.

Unknown said...

I read that 3 new strips will be in there and one will become a regular strip. Similar to Comic Idol and Strictly Come Laughing

Anonymous said...

Slight increase to £2.20???
That's a 10% hike when inflation is less than 2%.
I am sure you would not call it a slight increase, if suddenly your weekly bangers and mash feast went up 10% next week!!!

Lew Stringer said...

Who would compare comics to food prices for a rational example? Food prices fluctuate all the time. Publishers try to set a price that can be maintained for a while. 20p is a slight increase in the context of periodicals. Last December the Panini comics rose from £2.95 to £3.50 for example. Hope that helps. Never Be Without A Beano, 'johno'.