Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Dandy Annual 2015

I received a copy of The Dandy Annual 2015 the other day, which I'd ordered online from the DC Thomson shop. It should also be in the shops by now, unless distributors are holding them back again. 

It's an excellent book this year and I'm very proud to be part of it. My contributions are:

The Smasher (Three full pagers, one two pager).
Korky the Cat (One full page, one two pager).
Keyhole Kate (Three full pagers.)

Art only (script by David Mason):
Smashing Word Search.

Plot only (script and art by Nigel Parkinson): 
Cuddles & Dimples (the three page beach holiday story).

The three Korky the Cat pages were a last minute commission and had to be written and drawn over a weekend, but it was great to have a chance to draw my favourite cartoon cat again. (Last time was about 14 years ago for the Fun-Size editions of The Dandy.) I was asked to draw him in my own style, rather than imitate Charles Grigg's Korky, but Charlie's definitive version was an inspiration. 

For the Keyhole Kate strips I chose to do them as a three-part time travel adventure, with the pages spread throughout the book. 

As Kate's adventures took her to different locations I thought I'd make The Smasher more home-based this year, so all of his stories take place in or around his house. 

Cuddles and Dimples was fun. I supplied Nigel Parkinson with a very basic plot and he turned it into a fantastically funny story. 

I'll be reviewing the book over on my Blimey! blog later this week, and showing a glimpse at the work by other artists. 

Cover art by Ken Harrison.


John Parker said...

Looks great, Lew ! I really miss The Dandy. I know my sister has sent me The Dandy and The Beano Summer Specials so that will keep me(and my two daughters) going for a while.

Unknown said...

Please come back dandy ive just ordered a copy of the dandy summer special and the annual cant wait. Its such a shame to not have a copy come through my door every Saturday. I read some to my younger sister who is a beano fan and she loved them. Such a shame as I was a crazy fan 😩

Unknown said...

Sounds great I've already ordered a copy of the summer special and the 2015 annual. Its such a shame theres no more dandy copys coming through my door anymore. I read some 2 my sister who is a beano fan and she loved it. I hope a few more issues would come out for all the fans and myself.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, The Dandy is much missed. It would be great if it was revived but that's not likely unfortunately.