Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Advance annual previews

You can now pre-order The Dandy Annual 2015 and The Beano Annual 2015 directly from the publisher at the DC Thomson Shop, individually at £5.99 each or as a combined pack for just £10. Here's the link:


I only have four Rasher mini-strips in The Beano Annual 2015, although it'll be packed with good stuff from many other artists of course. Above is a preview of a panel from one of the strips. Yes, Rasher and Bones in Blackpool, holiday haunt of many characters in my strips over the years. (And my annual holiday destination too as a child.)

I have about 12 pages in The Dandy Annual 2015, so here's a quick preview of a panel featuring Keyhole Kate, who embarks on a three-part adventure in the book. That's her uncle next to her (Blackhole Bert) who I created for this story. (Not the same Uncle who was the guardian of the Keyhole Kate of the 1960s.)


Being a freelance comic artist is a solitary job. Most people I know who have lasted in the comics biz are grounded, modest, down to earth types who do their best, hoping that the work will go down ok with the readers, so it's encouraging when we receive positive feedback. Here's a nice exchange that appeared on Twitter earlier today...

Thanks folks! Much appreciated. Now I'd better get back to the drawing board!


Manic Man said...

there was a time when feedback like that was extremely rare.. with the advance of 'letters pages' and 'feedback forms' it became a bit less so but still uncommon.. I think the internet has given creators a lot more feedback.. sadly, I would say most of this is negative feedback or atlest has negative results but it's always good to see some nice genuine feedback like that. Well done

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, it makes a refreshing change. Too many people use the 'net just to moan about comics.