Saturday, 26 July 2014

Flashback to OINK!

Those of you who grew up reading Oink! in the 1980s are, I hope, regular visitors to Phil Boyce's Oink! Blog where he reviews an issue of the comic every fortnight, 28 years to the day it was published. 

This week, he's up to issue 33 which featured more of my work than usual and Phil's showing several pages of mine on his blog. One strip, Menace of the Headmaster's Brain, I'd forgotten about until I saw it again. Now I remember having fun writing and drawing it. Oink! was a brilliant comic to work for and it's great to see it still has its fans today.  

There's a clip of it above, but you can read the full two page story and more over on Phil's blog here:

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John Pitt said...

Yep, Phil's blog is excellent ( really MUST make some comments ). AND he plans to continue after he's covered all the issues!!