Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Buy it now!

When I'm selling artwork on eBay I usually put new listings up on a Sunday but as I was busy last weekend I didn't have time. However I've just added a few items today. This week I've chosen to use the Buy it Now
category so if any of you are interested in the pieces on show you won't have to wait a week to see if your bids win.

There are six items listed. As shown above there's a Pete and his Pimple strip from Oink! No.23 (1987) which sees Pete visit a TV studio. This was from the early days of Oink! when it had top notch production on glossy paper so I was able to embellish the art with a grey wash for a bit of extra depth. (I always liked doing that on those strips.) 
There's also a Pete's Pimple full pager from a 1989 issue of Buster. This was towards the end of the strip's run. Pete was always an enjoyable character to write and draw though.

Finally there are four One Cat and His Cod strips from Marvel UK's ThunderCats comic of the 1980s. I usually write my own material but if memory serves me right this strip was written by Ian Rimmer. The eBay price is for all four strips not for each one. 

All of the art was drawn on top quality Bristol Board and the pages are in excellent condition even though they're around 25 years old.

I hope there's something there to interest one or two of you. I will of course combine postage if you buy more than one item. You can find my eBay page by clicking HERE

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