Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Your daily Combat Colin: The Gunge! Part 4

It's the showdown between Combat Colin and The Gunge with the daftness level going up to 11! A Combat Classic from the pages of The Transformers No.241, dated October 28th 1989. 

Want to see more old Combat Colin strips? Let me know!

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Manic Man said...

^_^ a classic. Lets hope you are able to get that book done sometime.

Something I would comment on.. Combat Colin seamed very popular in Transformers which is why it ended up full page and all, but it still seamed odd when then Robocop 2 story was printed in the one annual (I would have to check to remember which year) in colour, along side one Marvel UK Transformers story. Any thing special that lead to that or just that they wanted to fill some space?

Lew Stringer said...

I think the RoboCol story was in colour originally too. I presume they wanted the annual to reflect the weekly but the budget wasn't high enough to afford a new Combat Colin story.

Marvel also reprinted various Combat Colin strips in their Bumper Comic, alongside Doctor Who and other stuff. I'll have to dig those out one day. Not sure where they are at present. We had a small reprint payment for the Bumper Comic stuff though, which was good.

Peter Gray said...

A great daft fun story...thinking about it Tom Thug had a few longer stories...

I really hope you get that whole page in The Beano every week it is a crime not to...
I love his salute! love little jokes in comic pages..