Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pig Preview

Nothing by me in this week's Beano as I was having time off when it was paginated (but there's still lots of good stuff in it of course). Here's a preview of my Rasher strip from next week's issue, on sale 10th July.

The week after that sees the 33rd Rasher mini-strip, then the following week it'll be the big 75th Birthday Beano! What's in that? I'm not even sure myself. I know what one page will be, 'cos I drew it. But the rest of the spectacular anniversary package? I'll find out when you do. 

And the issue of The Beano following the anniversary? I'm drawing something for that right now. Stay tuned! 


Peter Gray said...

A new character for the Beano or an old character brought back?

Anyway hope you get a whole page in The Beano like you did with Super school..

Lew Stringer said...

I wish. But space is tight these days and there's a lot of artists out there.

It's a mini-strip. More news in a few weeks.