Friday 1 March 2024

COMIC SAMPLER published today!

I thought I'd do something new for the London Comic Con this weekend. Here's Lew Stringer's Comic Sampler, a slim 20 page selection of a few of my highlights from over my 40 year career. You may have seen the strips before but now they're in a variety package featuring Brickman, Combat Colin, Derek the Troll, Sgt.Shouty and a few other examples of my comics work. 

Why is the cover monochrome? Mostly to keep the costs down for this one-off special, but also I wanted to go "back to basics" and do an entirely black and white comic like I used to many years ago. I've only had 100 printed. I'll do more if it sells out but it's likely to be a limited edition. Not available in shops or from any other seller, only from me.

I'll be bringing copies along to sell at the convention, but if you're not in London this weekend you can order it directly from my eBay listings at the following link and I'll post them off to you next week...

For those of you who are going to the con, see you there!

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