Wednesday, 30 March 2016

This week's strips

The new strip I've been hinting at begins in today's issue of The Beano. Yes, it's the return of Pup Parade, starring The Bash Street Dogs in new full page adventures! I was overjoyed when The Beano asked me to revive the series and I hope I've done a decent job. Big shoes to fill of course, from the original artist Gordon Bell, through a variety of artists over the years, not forgetting Steve Beckett who drew it recently.

There's also another Rasher mini-strip by me in this issue too! This now runs for seven weeks so three more to come after this one. 

Over in Doctor Who Magazine there's another Daft Dimension strip by me, which this time features the Daleks! On sale Thursday 31st March. 

As you can see, I thought I'd show you my finished artwork alongside photos of the original artwork. Hope it's of interest. 

Frantically busy week ahead. Drawing the next Daft Dimension tonight, Pup Parade tomorrow, Team Toxic over the weekend (and the final Rasher), and a new Combat Colin three pager next week (for Aces Weekly). And somewhere along the way I need to email my replies for an interview that's waiting to be published. Plus I have a cough developing. Life of a freelancer! 

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