Tuesday, 14 July 2015

50 Years Ago Today...

Fifty years ago I was on holiday this week in Blackpool. There's a photo my mum took of me with my Aunt Joan and my Dad sitting outside the Ruskin guest house in Albert Road. Back then the comics I had regularly were Dandy, Beano, and TV21 (which is the comic I'm holding in the photograph).

Those early days inspired my love of comics and ignited my passion for creating my own comic strips. The six year old in that photo never knew he'd eventually contribute to those comics. Time flies? Not to me. Fifty years feels like fifty years. So many changes since then, few for the better. I remember the train journey to Blackpool that week, laughing at the Popeye strip in TV Comic, but I don't remember that photo being taken. I'm so glad my mum did capture that moment though, and many other photos of my childhood which are all priceless artifacts to me now that all the family is gone. They were happy days.

Several years ago on my other blog, I wrote about the comics that were on sale that week. You can see that post here:

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