Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's Daft week!

I sent off another completed Daft Dimension strip to Doctor Who Magazine yesterday. It's a four panel strip so I won't show much of it here or it'll spoil the gag but here's a close up of part of one panel. On the left is a photo of the original artwork showing my blue pencil sketching and the inking and on the right is the finished version after I'd scanned it into Photoshop and coloured it.

Anyway, that's the strip for next month's issue. If you want to see this month's head for your newsagent, supermarket, or comic shop tomorrow (Thursday April 2nd) when the official Doctor Who Magazine No.485 hits the shelves. 84 packed pages of features and strips for just £4.99. More info at the mag's website:


John Pitt said...

Lew, I'm curious. Have you ever tried to caricature someone and been unable to,as their face was just too ordinary?

Lew Stringer said...

Absolutely, John. I don't consider myself to be a caricaturist at all. That's a completely different skill. (Conversely, many caricaturists wouldn't have the ability to draw comics.)

There are some people who are easier to caricature though, but I wouldn't / couldn't present myself as a caricaturist. I might have earned more money if I had, because the first thing many people have said to me when they find out I'm a cartoonist is "Can you draw me?".

(Although the next thing they say is "If you do I'll see you alright for a pint" so maybe I wouldn't be rich after all. :))

John Pitt said...

Well, I see you as both, from the way you can capture and exaggerate celeb's features. The reason I asked was, as a kid, a mischievous pastime of mine at school was "doing" some of the mastersand other boys, but there were certain faces that I just could not do, because they were just too darn "ordinary"!! :-)

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I used to do that too but I still never think of myself as a caricaturust. For example, I've lettered many of my own strips but I'd never call myself a letterer. That, like, caricaturing, is a specialised field. I'm happy just to call myself a cartoonist or comic artist/writer.