Friday 27 March 2015

More original art for sale

I have a couple of pieces of old artwork on eBay this week, both from the 1980s and both from Oink! One of them is the cover I did for Oink! No.51, which as well as having the original Tom Thug art also includes the layers for colour instructions to the printer and the logo etc. Of course comics are produced a lot differently to that now, with the layers being digital, so this is a chance for the buyer to own a piece of old school history!

The other page is a Pete and his Pimple strip, where Pete dreams of being the superhero Captain Pimply! I offered this for sale before and for some reason it didn't sell. (Strange, as all the other pieces I've put up for auction have sold.) If it doesn't sell this time I'm keeping it as I quite like it. 

Anyway, all bids are appreciated and the auction ends on Sunday. You'll find them here:

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