Wednesday 17 September 2014

Viz Annual 2015

Work has been very quiet on the Viz front for some reason this year but I've just noticed the new Viz Annual in the shops and there's an old Pathetic Sharks page in there that I did a few years ago. You'll find it on page 100.

There's a couple of other Sharks pages in there too, but they're not by me. Viz: The Dutch Oven 2015 is in hardback with 160 pages and contains the best of issues 212 to 221. The R.R.P. is £10.99 but as with all annuals you'll find it discounted in various places. I bought mine from The Works for £6.99. Grab it while you can. It really is as funny as it used to be.  

Cover by Simon Thorp.


James said...

Yeah I noticed you hadn't had anything in Viz for a while. Bring back Felix! Still, it's been a good standard lately. Davey Jones genius as ever.

Lew Stringer said...

I've been too busy to send them anything recently but will try and contact them again soon. I doubt I'll be in the Christmas issue unfortunately as the deadline is probably very near now.