Wednesday, 3 September 2014

September Sizzler

The original art for last week's Ivy story.
Work has picked up considerably recently so September is going to be a very busy month indeed. Therefore I'll have less spare time to update this blog and my Blimey! blog, so I thought I'd better mention that in case you started to wonder why I was absent for days at a time.

At the moment I'm drawing Ivy the Terrible every week for The Beano (although it skips today's issue), written by John Anderson. The last of my Lord Snooty mini-strips are currently in The Beano, but Rasher will return later in the year. (Over half a dozen already written and drawn.) I'm also working on some more puzzle pages for DC Thomson, and annual pages for the 2016 books. 

New Team Toxic strips continues, at two pages an issue in Egmont's Toxic magazine every three weeks. Also, I've just sent off the second Daft Dimension strip to Doctor Who Magazine

Zoony the Lazoon is completed for the all-new TV21 No.243, to be packaged with the Supermarionation Blu-Ray box set in a month or two. 

There are two major jobs I can't talk about yet. One is a strip for an American comic. The other is non-comics illustration work. I'll reveal more info as and when.  

As always, comments have to wait for approval so if yours don't appear right away it's just that I haven't logged on yet. I'm glad to say the trolling has stopped on my blogs now, although the auto-generated spam continues of course (as I'm sure it does on all blogs), so I'm keeping the "comments published pending approval" setting just to prevent that. 

Right, back to work! 


Graham Exton said...

I just got some of those pens. Mitsubishi made them. Mine attracted attention during a dull staff meeting, because my cartoon character was more interesting than what we were supposed to be doing. Good pens.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, they're full of funny ink, perfect for cartooning. Much better than those serious pens.