Saturday, 14 September 2013

The new Viz Annual

This year's Viz Annual has just arrived today. Continuing with it's traditional risqué titles, this one is The Camel's Toe, collecting selected material from Viz Nos.202 to 211. With 160 pages packed with strips and satirical features it's worth every penny of the £10.99 R.R.P. (although no doubt you'll find it cheaper if you shop around).

There's a Suicidal Syd page in there that I did, and like many Viz strips it features over 20 panels on a page. (So when some people say how comics today aren't value for money, point 'em towards Viz.)

Viz: The Camel's Toe. Dennis Publishing. £10.99. ISBN 1-78106-245-5 

Cover by Simon Thorp


Arion said...

"Camel tow"... what a peculiar title. Suicidal Syd sounds like something I might enjoy reading.

Manic Man said...

Camel Toe, not Tow.. it's an.. odd expression I can't say I understand that refers to the appearance of bumps between a girls legs when wearing tight clothing.

Anonymous said...

Nice choice of Sid as the Mother Of God there.