Thursday 7 December 2023

Artwork for sale! Auction ends on Sunday!

Here are the latest pages of my original artwork that I'm selling. All bids much appreciated!

There's a seasonal Tom Thug on New Year's Eve page from Buster from 30 years ago, celebrating the arrival of 1994...


One of the last Robo-Capers strips that I'll be selling. I know quite a few of you asked me to sell more of these so grab it while you can! This original comic art is from Marvel UK's Transformers comic of 1986...

A Vampire Brats full pager from Buster (1990)!

Good luck with your bids!

For my other items, see this link:



James Spiring said...

I think Tom has the last laugh there - Perkins should end up in trouble for nicking that scythe!

Lew Stringer said...

Good point! Although he only borrowed it. (Not that the shopkeeper would know that.)