Friday, 27 November 2020



Fifty years ago IPC did a Smash! Fun Book and whether it's coincidence or intended, here we are today with Rebellion's latest collection, the Cor!! Buster Bumper Fun Book. Same page count as that Smash! one from 50 years ago, and also a softback. 

The big differences are the Cor!! Buster Bumper Fun Book is printed on much better paper and is in full colour. Its 96 pages collect all the stories that were in the two Cor!! Buster specials published in 2020 and 2019 with a brand new cover by Edward Whatley and a handfull of creator profile pages. 


Although the specials were large size, this collection is a smaller, tidier format (like the new Roy of the Rovers books). No doubt some collectors won't like that, but personally I think it tightens the artwork up and the lettering is still legible. 

I have a vested interest of course, which is why I'm promoting it on my art blog. I have nine pages of art in the book (working from scripts by John Freeman and Lizzie Boyle), an introduction I wrote (as Buster himself), and a mini-interview. 

If you missed the two specials or simply want the stories in one neat package, the Cor!! Buster Bumper Fun Book is out now. (ISBN 978-1-78108-864-7). On sale in bookshops ('cos it's a book), not newsagents. However, if your local bookshops are still closed you can order it online from various stockists including from the publishers themselves, who also offer a digital edition:

This is a very nice collection of strips by today's UK humour creators so treat yourselves or someone else to the book for Christmas!


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