Sunday, 11 August 2019

Everything is now

Me in 1974. The day the Marvel magazine style comics were first distributed in the UK.
Is the past important? I think so. While our main focus should always be on the moment and moving forward, it's our past that has defined us up to this point. I think nostalgia has its place as long as we don't let it cloud our appreciation of the present. Some people constantly bemoan that tv/music/comics/movies of today are vastly inferior to that of their youth... but objectively there was a lot of dross around then too! It's possible to appreciate both the best of yesteryear and the best of today. Forever hankering for "the good old days" only leads to misery and a blinkered view of today. 

Perhaps the best view, and some will think this is bonkers, is to consider all of time as "the now". Forget our definitions of past and present as segregated by nights and seasons. Imagine all of time as one day (a heck of a long day admittedly) and everything seems more closely connected.

(Just don't tell your editors and employers that. If they think you only invoiced them today they'll never pay up! ;-) )

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