Thursday 9 May 2019

See you at OLDHAM COMIC CON this Saturday

We often hear people say that there aren't any "real" comic cons anymore... that they all feature actors now and only a few comic guests... but that's simply not true! There are lots of cons all over the UK totally dedicated to comics, and there's one in Oldham this Saturday! 

Oldham Comic Con takes place on Saturday 11th May at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham and it's FREE ADMISSION! You can visit their new website for more info:

I'll be there, as will LOADS of other comics creators including Mike Collins, Laura Howell, Aneke, Ian Richardson, Kev Hopgood, David Leach and many, many more! Check out the website for details.

I'll be bringing along my comics, and drawing sketches on commission throughout the show. Come along and stop by my table! Here's the banner to look for...

See you on Saturday!

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