Monday, 30 April 2018

On sale this week...

I presume you're reading this blog because you like my work so hopefully you'll be interested in my latest strips that are in print this week. 

Wednesday 3rd May sees the publication of Toxic No.305 from Egmont that includes another two-page Team Toxic story. The Eye-Bot comes to Earth in a story I had to call Eye Robot

That same day sees Beano No.3933 published by D.C. Thomson, and this week Big Eggo meets Billy Whizz!

The following day, Thursday 4th May, Doctor Who Magazine No.525 (Panini UK) hits the shelves containing a new Daft Dimension strip featuring the Daleks. Admittedly they're Daft Daleks, but still Daleks!

All three publications will be available from newsagents and supermarkets all across the UK.

Any thoughts about these strips or my earlier work? Please leave a comment below. 

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