Friday, 29 July 2016

Sniffy the Cat!?!

Here's a preview panel from my next Pup Parade page. Sniffy decides he'd be more successful as a cat than as a dog. The other Bash Street Dogs beg to differ! See the full story in The Beano next week!

I must admit I'm really enjoying writing and drawing Pup Parade. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to draw a strip that was created in the 1960s, my favourite era. From feedback I've received online and at conventions it seems to be popular with the readers. I don't know how long it'll continue but I hope it carries on for a good while yet!

Anyway, I'd better get on with the latest page, in which Sniffy and 'Enry build a... wait and see in the weeks to come!

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Manic Man said...

lets see.. you have now been the official artist on strips from the 30s (Keyhole Kate), the 50s (The Smasher), 60s, (Pup Parade), Pathetic Sharks (70s), Rasher (80s)... I'm not 100% sure of the top of my head about the 90s, then 2000s onwards you have been doing a lot for Dandy, Beano, Toxic etc. Not counting strips you created or characters you did of course.. I think you need to do something about the 40s.. a big gap there