Wednesday, 7 October 2015

He's the Butt of the joke

It's been a hectic couple of days getting the latest Team Toxic 2 pager drawn and coloured for Toxic No.263 which will be out towards the end of November. Toxic's unusual schedule of being published every three weeks often means that deadlines loom up faster than anticipated. Anyway, job done and I emailed the pages to the editor this afternoon. As you can see from the preview panel above it features the return of Butt-Face, who is always fun to draw and hopefully gives the readers a giggle.

Next up, I'll be drawing stuff for The Dandy Annual 2017 but I won't reveal which strip just yet. Then it'll be time to get ahead on the next issues of Toxic and Doctor Who Magazine and anything else I can fit in, if I stay fit enough that is! Caught another bloomin' cough and cold! (The downside of traveling by public transport is there's always someone coughing and sneezing on the buses.)

I'm hoping to drop into the Caption small press convention in Coventry this Saturday, just for a few hours. Depends how I'm fixed for time though as I'm a guest at Comic Con Leicester the next day (11th October). 

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