Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Beano No.3773 preview

Here's a quick glimpse at the two mini-strips I have in this week's Beano. First up, Rasher feels it's good to be a pig, wallowing in the mud while Dennis is tasked with the chores, then in Joe King our compulsive funster is in trouble with his teacher.

There's loads of other strips in the comic too of course; 36 pages packed with all-new fun with the regulars such as Dennis, Roger, and Minnie. What other British comic has entertained kids of all ages for 77 years? (Answer: None! Although the much-missed Dandy came close with its 75 year run of course.) 

This week's issue comes bagged with a free copy of 110% Gaming magazine. No strips in that, but if you or your kids like games it'll be right up your street. 

Treat yourself to a copy of The Beano today. Only £2.20.  


James Spiring said...

110% Gaming does actually have a page with three mini-strips.

Lew Stringer said...

You're right. The paper's so thin I turned over two pages at once.