Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Here's Dennis the Menace's nemesis, Walter, who guest stars in this week's Rasher mini-strip. If Rasher's nearby, you can guess what happens to that cake. 

We're nearing the end of Rasher's run in The Beano now. Only another few weeks to go. I've really enjoyed writing and drawing his porcine pranks. Too busy to miss him at present though as I'm knee-deep in various pages for the 2016 annuals. Then there's the mini-strip that's replacing Rasher. What will that be? Find out soon!

This week's Beano is bagged with a bunch of decent gifts including a 32 page Diary of Dennis the Menace book preview, a K'nex toy, Star Wars cards and more. £2.99 from newsagents and supermarkets. Here's the front and back of the package so you know what to look out for...

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BeanoMaster said...

My one didn't come with the helicopter toy, it came with a catapult but I did see another one with the helicopter, but I chose the catapult.

I wonder what the mini-strip could be!