Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tom Thug and Janice Pong on eBay

I have a couple of my original art pages from Oink! up on eBay at present. First is Janice Pong's Almost Unbelievable Pop Facts From Oink! No.16 back in 1986. I think this one was co-written with Mark Rogers. A fun one-off to draw. It featured cameos from Elvis Pigsty and (ulp!) Jimmy Saveloy amongst others. 

The other item for sale is a Tom Thug strip from the Oink! Annual 1988 which co-stars Tom's cat Satan. The tatty skinhead cat co-starred in quite a few Tom Thug strips in Oink and even had his own mini-strip on occasion. However when Tom moved over to become a Buster strip the editor and I were in agreement that having a cat called Satan might provoke a backlash from parents of readers of that less robust comic. So although the cat still made an appearance in the background now and then he was un-named. (And if anyone's wondering; yes Satan the Cat is still alive and well out there in comic land somewhere.)

Both pages have been stored away in damp-free conditions out of direct sunlight for years and are in excellent condition. If you're interested in bidding on either of these pieces you can visit my eBay page here. Thanks for looking and good luck!

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