Saturday, 14 March 2020

Postman Prat returns this year!

D.C. Thomson have unveiled the cover to The Dandy Annual 2021 and it's a cracker! (A homage to Incredible Hulk Annual No.1 perhaps?) The cover art is by David Parkins.

The Dandy Annual 2021 will feature all new stories of Dandy favourites from over the years. Amongst the line-up are Desperate Dan drawn by someone new to the strip (I'll leave it up to him to reveal the news :)), Bully Beef and Chips (drawn by Laura Howell), George and the Dragon (drawn by Andy Fanton), Pre-School Prime Minister (by Jamie Smart) and Postman Prat and Keyhole Kate by me. 

For this book I was commissioned to write/draw four double page Postman Prat stories, eight Keyhole Kate mini-strips, and a Postman Prat board game, so I was pleased with that lot! 

There's a preview of one panel from Postman Prat at the top of this post. No more sneak peeks of Prat until later this year... at least not from the annual (he says cryptically). 

The Dandy Annual 2021 goes on sale in July / August and will be available to pre-order soon from online sellers.
Cover art by David Parkins.


SID said...

Love the cover. The logo reminds me of the time when the books (as they were called then) had customised mastheads.

As usual, I'll be getting my copy on Christmas Eve.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I preferred the days when the book's logo would be different every year. These days it's all about maintaining the brand, but it's good to see some variation on this one. I think it looks fantastic! This will be a cover kids will always remember I think.

Doctor Who and The Target Dillemma said...

When will we see the cover for the Beano annual?

Lew Stringer said...

Someone posted it on Facebook the other day but I can't find it now. It's not on Amazon yet but soon I'd imagine.