Thursday, 9 July 2020

Flashback to 2010 with SUPER SCHOOL!

Super School was a regular full page strip I drew in The Beano for a while, beginning in 2008. It featured a handful of kids being trained to use their super powers and was great fun to draw! (Iain McLoughlin wrote most of the scripts.) You can read more about the genesis of the strip on my old blog at this link:

Looking on an old disc today I found a few photos that I thought you might be interested in seeing. At the top of this post is part of the published Super School story that appeared in The Beano Annual 2012, and here are some images of it when I was pencilling it...

...and after inking...

This strip would have been drawn ten years ago, in 2010, as we work well in advance for the annuals. The book was published in July 2011, well in time for the Christmas gift market.

Back then I was inking with a dip-nib for a while. A very old and traditional way! I switched to using Japanese brush pens a little later.

As I said, we work well in advance on annuals, and I'm currently drawing new Keyhole Kate pages for The Dandy Annual 2022 to be published next year.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Website no more

A few weeks ago those of us who'd created our sites through MrSite were told it was closing down. With little time to find an affordable alternative, I'm afraid that is no longer active.

For the forseeable future I'll be using this blog as my main presence on the Internet. I'll set up a new website with a new provider when I can afford it. In these uncertain times I can't predict when that will be, but this blog will continue to serve as a source of my work past and present.

This means that my webshop is also no more, but my Combat Colin comics are on hold at present anyway so that's not an immediate inconvenience. I hope to publish Combat Colin No.5 later this year and will look into alternatives to provide an online ordering platform. 

In the meantime you can still buy the digital-exclusive Barmy Comix No.1. More info here:

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Are you on Instagram?

I don't publicize my Instagram account as often as perhaps I should, so consider this a plug for it today. I post various stuff over there, comics related as well as day to day photos and videos, so if you're interested give me a follow. You'll find it at this link:


Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Have you bought The77?

A reminder that my new character, Sgt.SHOUTY is one of many strips making their debut in the brand new indie comic, The77. Issue 1 is out now and the Kickstarter for issue 2 is now active at this link:

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Daft Dimension for DWM 553 (Pencil stage)

I thought you might like to see one of my Daft Dimension strips as it was at its pencil stage. I took this photo a few weeks ago before I inked and coloured the strip. (As always, click or tap on the image to see it bigger.) You can see the finished result in Doctor Who Magazine No.553.... out now!

Thursday, 25 June 2020

It's on! MACC-POW! this Saturday... LIVE ONLINE! (UPDATED.)

Macc-Pow is always one of the most enjoyable comic cons of the year and this year even Coronavirus can't stop it! Instead of the usual physical event, MACC-POW @ HOME will take place ONLINE this Saturday (the day it would have taken place in Macclesfield). Organiser Marc Jackson will be talking to guests live on INSTAGRAM TV throughout the day, and I'm proud to be part of it along with fab guests such as Rachael Smith, Charlie Adlard, Emmeline Pidgen and more! Tune in on Saturday 27th June for this free event!
More info...

UPDATE: I'm very sorry I let the side down with technical difficulties affecting my segment of the show. I could only broadcast in sound only for a few minutes then it dropped out altogether. Entirely a fault on my side. Perhaps my phone just wasn't up to it. I'm very dissappionted indeed. I hope you enjoyed all the other interviews though, and if you missed them you can see them on Marc's Instagram page.

Monday, 22 June 2020

This month's Daft preview

The only drawback with promoting a mini-strip is that if I show too much it'll give away the joke, so here's a cropped section of one of the panels from my next Daft Dimension strip. The printed size will be much smaller than this.

You'll see the full version in Doctor Who Magazine No.553, which will be on sale in supermarkets and (open) branches of WH Smiths and comic shops from this Thursday. 76 packed pages of news, features, and interviews including a feature on The Night Walkers, the final appearance of the 2nd Doctor from TV Comic back in 1969!