Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Living in Limbo

You don't need me to tell you what strange times these are. Actually, "strange times" has become an annoying cliché hasn't it? My apologies for going down that route. These are bloody horrible times! 

So far I've managed to stay healthy and keep going, mainly because I rarely go out and haven't seen friends for months. Social media has been a blessing though, video messaging friends from far and wide, and even using old fashioned methods like the telephone. 

I've been one of the lucky ones so far, but I know friends who have suffered from the virus or who have lost loved ones. Coronavirus is no hoax, it's not just "like the flu". It's something none of us have been up against before. Nearly two million dead so far, yet some boneheads still continue to deny its seriousness, or think it's a worldwide conspiracy. (They'll believe that governments across the globe can secretly work together to cripple the economy for... whatever... but they can't believe in a plague? Insane!)

Obviously, this is having a knock on effect on comics. (I presume you expected me to talk about comics, as this is a comics blog?) Naturally, publishers are becoming far more cautious with their plans this year. With lockdown causing comic stores to pull the shutters down, comic cons being non-existent, and people prioritizing their spending on essentials it's a grim time all round. I've certainly noticed the difference and I can't see things significantly turning around this year, to be realistic. Hopefully in 2022, if we can get there intact, publishers might feel more confident to launch new titles. (I'm talking about British comics here. American publishers continue to churn out new comics all the time, although even the mighty DC Comics have made cutbacks.)

Excuse me rambling but essentially I'm saying have patience with the comics industry because at present it's suffering like any other business. Hopefully we can all weather this storm and come out the other end into brighter times. 

As for the artwork at the top of this post; it's a CGI shed I made with Bryce software back in the year 2000. It was going to be part of a CGI Combat Colin strip but I never completed the strip so it's never been published anywhere. Although I'm pleased with the shed, my inexperience with CGI shows in the background work. Anyway, I thought it was appropriate for this post. Old style garden sheds are often part of the environment in British comics, so having one floating in Limbo seemed a fair representation of how many of us are feeling right now! 

Keep the faith. In the words of the old song, "We Shall Overcome... some day".


Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Are you on Facebook?

Just a reminder that if you're on Facebook you can follow me at:

That's my public account which is available for all to see where I post updates about my comics work and suchlike. 

I do have another Facebook account but that's set to private and I only accept friend requests from people who are personal friends or who I know quite well. It tends to be non-comics related a lot of the time so there wouldn't be much of interest to followers of my work. 

But if you are interested in my work (and I guess that's why you're here) the Facebook account to follow is the lewstringercartoonist one:


Monday, 11 January 2021

Buster Book 1991 endpapers

My thanks to Peter Gray for reminding me of these Vampire Brats endpapers I did for the Buster Book 1991, 30 years ago! Script, art, lettering by me, colourist unknown. As always, click on the image to see it at a bigger size.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

It's not just comics...

I haven't promoted it for a while but my Redbubble shop has various items of merch you might be interested in, from T-shirts, laptop sleeves, coasters to Combat Colin socks and mugs, there's a wide variety of product.

Redbubble deal with all the orders, manufacture, and shipping, and I receive a small percentage of the selling price. Some might say it's an unfair deal but as Redbubble are doing all the work (after I upload the designs) it seems fair to me.


Anyway, take a mooch around their website and let me know what you think. If there's any items or characters you'd like to see added, let me know. (Obviously I can only do merchandise for characters that I own the rights to, so there won't be a Big Eggo bathmat I'm afraid.) If you've already bought items, let me know what you thought of them. 

Click HERE to go to the site. 




BLIMEY! My old blog IS still out there


As most of you know, I did a blog called Blimey! for 13 years (2006 - 2019) focusing on British comics past and present. I ended it on New Years Eve 2019 but didn't remove it.

It's been brought to my attention that some interference from some out there has somehow meant that it's hard to find that blog in a Google search now. Rest assured though that Blimey! still exists. I simply stopped updating it 13 months ago but it's still online. 

Also, my logo design for Blimey! has been stolen and modified by some git running a Facebook group for illegal downloads. Rest assured that group has nothing to do with me and its time is numbered.

If you want to visit my old blog, bookmark this link. There are thousands of posts I wrote covering UK comics from the Victorian age to the present day. Enjoy having a rummage at this link: 

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

This week's reference materials

I know I said I wasn't going to announce anything in advance or it might jinx it but I thought I'd just give you a clue as to what I'm drawing this week. I'm glad I kept these comics from the 1960s as they're essential for reference right now!

I'm working from a script by 2000AD writer Kek-W to appear as one of the stories in a one-off special coming later this year. Nope, it's not The Swots and the Blots, and it's not for 2000AD, nor is it for Smash! or Pow! but it is a revival of an old Odhams strip. I'm very pleased to be on board to bring this strip back that I used to enjoy reading over 50 years ago!

No more clues. All will be revealed sooner or later, but for now it's time to crack on as the deadline is looming!


How to cope with Lockdown

I thought I'd share my tips for coping with the lockdown. Not that it's affected me or anything.

1: Stand at your bedroom window with the lights out and count the number of cars that drive past your house. Then subdivide the list into colours. If you see the same car more than once that driver is your new best friend forever, even though they'll never know it.

2: Scream incoherently at the Moon at least once a night.

3: Keep a well stocked cupboard. Those tins of soup and beans are your investment for the future and will soon be used as currency to buy new shoes.

4: Make a tinfoil hat, any style, to keep THEM from reading your thoughts.

5: Make several small holes in a big cardboard box and fill it with straw. This will be your bed for the next six months.

6: There is no level 6. YET.

7: Don't trust tomatoes. You never know what they're up to.

8: You must zjjcbdhfyf...... blibber.... bloik....
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