Tuesday, 7 April 2020


After months of preparation I feared this comic might not appear due to the current situation. I'm pleased to say that The Cor!! Buster Easter Special is out there in the wild (newsagents) a day earlier than scheduled! 52 pages of boredom-busting fun for all ages, reviving characters of yesteryear (including 6 pages drawn by me from scripts by John Freeman and Lizzie Boyle).  If you can't find it in a shop you can order it directly from the publisher (print or digital) at this link:

I'm really proud to be part of this brilliant comic and having the opportunity to draw Buster and Gums and add cameos of long-forgotten characters such as Alfie the Air Tramp and Weary Willie and Tired Tim alongside more recognisable ones such as Fuss Pott and Mowser! Top class strips throughout, including new Sweeny Toddler and Grimly Feendish by Tom Paterson and an excellent Creature Teacher strip by Lee Langford and Brett Parson plus many more.

Last year's special sold well so I hope this one does too, despite WH Smith being closed now and people going out less. (Buy it by post if you can't find one!) The thing I like most about it is that editor Keith Richardson has made sure it has its own style, rather than imitate those other great comics The Beano or The Phoenix. It's good to see such a diverse range of art styles in there, along with "veterans" such as me and Tom Paterson. Such a lively mixture that I think will go down well with the readers.

Will there be future humour specials or a more regular title? That's up to you, folks! Support the Cor!! Buster Easter Special and that possibility becomes more likely. 


Saturday, 4 April 2020


While you're stuck indoors, here's a Combat Colin illustration for you to download and colour! Simply click on it to get it to its full size, save it to your desktop and print it out! 

Here's a colour guide if you need it, or you can just choose your own colours!
...and here's another. This was the art I drew for my convention banner. (Again, click to see it larger, save to desktop, then print it out.)

...and here's a colour reference (or choose your own)...


Pets theme BEANO sees the return of Pup Parade for one week

With it being National Pet Month the Beano is giving next week's issue a pet theme, bringing back some old favourites for one week only including a special full page Pup Parade story! (This one was actually a previously unpublished page I did back in 2016 so I'm glad it'll finally see print.) 

There's also another episode from me of Ellis's Great Escapes! How will he escape this week? 
Don't miss the Beano No.4030, on sale Wednesday 8th April. You can subscribe, or buy the digital edition, from the Beano website at this link:

Ellis is only having a short run in the Beano and I'm not sure what the future holds (I know, none of us do at present) so if you're a reader remember to let them know which strips you like. 

NOTE: I'd previously announced that Rasher would be in this week's issue, as I'd been commissioned to do a new one-off featuring him, but unfortunately it looks like there wasn't room in the end. Hopefully it'll appear in a future issue.


Thursday, 2 April 2020

DWM No.550 out now

It feels inappropriate to be promoting something as trivial as comics under the terrible circumstances the world is in but if you want a distraction from reality and you're a fan of Doctor Who, the latest Doctor Who Magazine (No.550) is out today. 

It focuses on the 1976 series and has a fantastic cover in the style of Victorian 'penny dreadfuls', and comes bagged with a poster magazine and other items. Plus a Daft Dimension from me. (Had I known we'd all be in lockdown I wouldn't have done a strip about the Doctor being in prison but it was drawn weeks ago.) 
Although all comic shops and many branches of WH Smiths have now closed, it's currently available from supermarkets that are still stocking magazines or you can buy it by post at this link:


Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Beach Bovver!

©Rebellion Publishing IP Ltd.
Thanks to Richard Langford on Facebook for reminding me of this page I did for the Buster / Monster Fun Holiday Special way back in 1994

Script and art by me. Lettering by David Gould (apart from the logo and sound effects which I also did). Click the art to see it much larger.


Monday, 30 March 2020

Comics update

As things stand at present, with the COVID-19 lockdown expected to continue for six months or more, and as I don't have a lot of work on right now, I've sadly decided to put Combat Colin No.5 on hold.

It will be published eventually, at some point, assuming I survive the next few months of course (who expected that to be a disclaimer we'd all start using?). At present the printers I use are still in business, but I don't really want to be risking my life several times a week taking comics to the post office to mail out. The instruction is to stay at home so I'll only be leaving when necessary. I hope you understand.

For those of you who have suggested I do issue 5 as a digital edition; it's not something I want to do. I'd prefer to stick with the print format for the whole series for consistency. Besides, digital comics only get pirated and put onto dodgy download sites right away. 

That said, I may release something in the digital format soon, but it won't be Combat Colin No.5. Watch this space.

All being well I'll publish Combat Colin No.5 in late summer or Autumn, but we'll see how life pans out. 

Take care all. 


In print (and digital) this week...

Hello everyone. How are you doing? I hope you and your families and friends are all bearing up in these worrying times. I thought I'd let you know what I have in print this week. Firstly, on Wednesday (1st April, no foolin') there's another one of Ellis's Great Escapes in the Beano No.4029.... then, the next day, on Thursday 2nd April we journey to The Daft Dimension again in Doctor Who Magazine No.550

Now that comic shops and many branches of WH Smith are closed you might find it difficult to get the comics but for individual print issues of the Beano you could try Newsstand at this link...

...or take out a subscription for future issues in print or digital at this link:

For Doctor Who Magazine you can buy individual issues, subscribe, or buy the digital version all at this link:

Stay at home and stay safe... and escape into comics, books, music, films, or whatever helps you through this.