Friday, 23 August 2019

Cor!! Buster! Don't miss out!

If you missed the Cor!! Buster Humour Special when it was in newsagents earlier this year you can still buy copies directly from the publisher! 52 pages featuring loads of brand new strips bringing back old favourites such as Sweeny Toddler, Faceache, Grimly Feendish, Gums, Ivor Lott and Tony Broke, Deadly Headley, Buster, Bad Penny, and more! 

Don't miss out! More info and ordering details at this link:

Monday, 19 August 2019

In print this Thursday...

I have work in two publications that will be in the shops on Thursday 22nd August. First up is the latest Daft Dimension that sees the Daleks go to Blackpool in Doctor Who Magazine No.542. Here's a preview. Find out what happens next when you buy the new issue! 

Also that day, Comic Scene No.7 will be published, and I've written a feature about one of my favourite 1960s comics, Pow!, the third (and most often overlooked) of Odhams' 'Power Comics' line. 

Doctor Who Magazine and Comic Scene are both available from WH Smith and comic shops, but if you have difficulty finding Comic Scene in your area you can subscribe directly at this link:

Doctor Who Magazine is also available in supermarkets and selected newsagents, but if you can't find it, you can subscribe here:

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Combat Colin comic orders update

Thank you to everyone who's ordered copies of my Combat Colin comics recently. I've had a few delays in sending them out (holiday, deadlines, and now a chest infection) but most have been dispatched and the rest are ready to go this week. Thank you for your patience! 

Several of you have ordered back issues too, which is great. This meant that Combat Colin No.2 had to go to a second printing, and it looks like issue 1 will have to go to a third printing soon too! The new printings all have matt-laminated covers so they look really nice. 

In case you'd somehow missed my previous plugs for these comics, I'm reprinting all my old Combat Colin strips that originally appeared in Action Force and The Transformers back in 1987 to 1991. We're currently at issue 4 and there'll be two more issues next year to complete the run. All the pages are scanned from my original art, where possible. (Sadly, some of my later pages went missing from the Marvel UK offices, or were inadvertently destroyed after use, so those pages will be scanned from the comics.) 

If you haven't ordered the comics yet, you can get them exclusively from me at my web shop at this link:

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Combat Colin on his way

My apologies if you haven't received your issues of Combat Colin No.4 yet. I had far more orders than anticipated so between having a holiday last week and deadlines this week it's taking me a while to catch up. A stack of them were sent out today though, and more will follow throughout the week. 
My thanks for your patience, and for your support. Some of you have ordered back issues too, which is great! Seems that the word is spreading that those classic Combat Colin stories from the 1980s/90s are being collected in smart new comics. Four issues are now available, and issues 5 and 6 will follow next year! 
Here's the link where you'll find out more info and how to order them:


It's Derek the Bath Mat!

It's a crazy world and no mistake. Whatever next? Derek the Troll bath mats, that's what! Available from my Redbubble store now!

Evolution of a panel.

Characters © D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd.
Yesterday I sent off the latest Pup Parade to Beano HQ. I thought you might like to see a panel in its five stages. 
1: layout, 
2: pencils, 
3: inks, 
4: scanned into Photoshop to clean it up and add the solid blacks, 
5: colouring done in Photoshop. 

(Click on image to see it larger of course).

Lettering will be added by Beano staff from my script. Printed version will be in Beano No.4004, in shops on September 25th!

Sunday, 11 August 2019

HIGH VIS poster revealed

Here's the poster/flyer for the High Vis Street Art Festival that takes place at the Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham, on Saturday 7th September 2019. Comics! Street Art! Live Music! It's all happening. I hope you'll come along and join us! 

More info at their website at this link: