Sunday 10 December 2023

One final auction before Christmas - a page from 30 years ago!

A big thank you to all of you who have bid on my auctions this year. It really has saved me from the workhouse, or whatever the modern equivalent is. I've put one more page up, the last auction before Christmas, and it's the Christmas with Tom Thug page that appeared in Buster 30 years ago! 


This 1993 page of original art features Tom Thug and all his family celebrating Christmas. It's one of the very few Tom Thug stories where he doesn't end up with too much of a punishment. My editor told me that "even baddies in Buster deserve a happy Christmas". 

Even so, Tom's behaviour backfires on him, albeit mildly this time. The whole point of the Tom Thug stories is that his bullying and bad attitude should always have repercussions. I created Tom to always be the villain of the story, never the hero, never a character to respect or admire. The reader should always be laughing at Tom, never with him. I hope that, if someone else ever revives the strip for new stories after I'm gone, that they'll honour and remember that important point about the character. If they dont, feel free to heckle and chastise them!

Anyway, if you want the original art for this strip, head over to eBay and please bid or use the Buy It Now option. To avoid the Christmas postal delays, this auction only runs for three days and will end on Wednesday 13th December! Good luck!


Thursday 7 December 2023

Artwork for sale! Auction ends on Sunday!

Here are the latest pages of my original artwork that I'm selling. All bids much appreciated!

There's a seasonal Tom Thug on New Year's Eve page from Buster from 30 years ago, celebrating the arrival of 1994...


One of the last Robo-Capers strips that I'll be selling. I know quite a few of you asked me to sell more of these so grab it while you can! This original comic art is from Marvel UK's Transformers comic of 1986...

A Vampire Brats full pager from Buster (1990)!

Good luck with your bids!

For my other items, see this link:


Tuesday 5 December 2023

Daft Preview of DWM 598

Issue 598 of Doctor Who Magazine goes on sale this Thursday, 7th December, and here's a mini preview of a tiny part of The Daft Dimension comic strp that I contribute every month. To show any more would ruin the joke! 

Here's the cover to look out for, and I believe it'll be bagged with a poster for Christmas! 

Don't forget that David Tennant's final performance as the 14th Doctor is on TV this Saturday in the third Doctor Who special and then Ncuti Gatwa takes over in the next special on Chrisrtmas Day!


Monday 4 December 2023

Christmas is coming

Another reminder that although The Dandy comic ended back in 2012, The Dandy Annual contunues every year with all new material. Kid Cops are back this year, with four new single page strips by me. One of them has a Christmas theme, as I know a lot of readers have the book as a Christmas present.  

There'll be a Dandy Annual for 2025 too, but for now The Dandy Annual 2024 is selling fast in the shops so don't miss it!

Saturday 2 December 2023

Christmas comic art - auction ending soon!

The auctions on these pages of my original art end tomorrow (Sunday 3rd). Original artwork from the 1980s/90s from Buster, Viz, Oink!, and Transformers including some Christmas pages! Good luck with your bids!


Friday 1 December 2023

Last chance to back The77 Annual for Christmas

The Kickstarter for The77 Annual No.2 ends this Sunday, 3rd December. That means that those who pledge should receive their books in time for Christmas!

Speaking of which, I've written/drawn a special Christmas with Sgt.Shouty page for the annual. Snow on the logo and a festive theme. A complete story separate from the continuity in the regular 77 comic. 

There's also loads of material by other creators of course and you can see samples at the Kickstarter link here:

Here's a preview of the choice of two covers by Duane Red and Andrw Sawyers...


Wednesday 29 November 2023

The Name's... Bondish... James sort of Bondish...

Twenty years ago I drew a series of black and white spreads for Egmont's Know How! Magazine intended for readers to colour. A slightly different style for me, as they were action scenes. This one had a James Bond style theme. I'm selling the original artwork of this one now (it's A3 size) so if you're interested head over to this link...