Friday, 20 March 2020

Comics still available... for now!

All outstanding orders for comics have now been fulfilled and are either in transit or have been delivered. Thanks for your patience and your custom.

Although I can't say when Combat Colin No.5 will be published, my other comics are still available to buy exclusively from my website at this link:

Bear in mind that supplies of issue 4 are running low though and I won't be reprinting it for a while.

Obviously during this Covid-19 crisis there's a likelihood that postal services could be shut down in the event of a total lockdown. If that happened before I'd fulfilled your order I'd contact you via your PayPal address and ask you if you wanted me to either wait it out or refund you. 

I'm healthy at present but if I contracted the virus I would refund you and close my online shop to prevent any further orders being placed. 

I know that sounds very bleak but we are in bleak times and I'm trying to be pragmatic. Yeah, I know. Not the best way to promote fun comics is it? The dark humour of that situation hasn't been lost on me. Take care, all, and remember if you want to order comics you still can at the moment! 



Kal said...

Have you considered making your comics available in a digital format, Lew?

Lew Stringer said...

I want to avoid that really because it just leaves them open to piracy.