Monday, 16 March 2020


Last night I completed the art on a three page GUMS story for the Cor!! Buster Easter Special from a script by Lizzie Boyle. (As you know I've also drawn a three page Buster and Delbert story for the same special, written by John Freeman.) 

Gums was last-minute job needed quickly as it goes to press this week! I was filling in for another artist who was off sick so I tried to "ghost" her style to a certain extent. The comic will be in shops on 8th April (if the shops are still open in April during this pandemic crisis) but you can pre-order it to make sure of your copy from the publisher's website here:

These are very worrying times but if we do have to go into lockdown, comics are an ideal way to take our minds off it and escape into other worlds! I hope that doesn't sound like I'm trivialising the situation. Far from it. Seriously, any reading matter or other escapism (music, films, hobbies) are a good way to keep the mind healthy. 

Wishing you all good health and brighter times ahead. 



Manic Man said...

looks good though ^_^

I think some are over panicking (i'm in an.. at risk group for both some minor health issues and that I work in a community centre in what is classed as the 13th Most deprived local areas.. with a lot of people who work in London or travel abroad a lot.. oh well) but in a way, the only over panicking that is causing any real harm is people panic buying in shops.. That makes it worse for everyone else..

I could try escapism.. but the first book to hand is one of my Michael Crichton ones.. The Andromeda Strain... about how even a prepared group of scientists aren't fully prepend for a new virus outbreak... mm...

anyway.. Just wash your hands properly like you should do anyway, make sure any coughting and stuff you use a tissue and discard it afterwards, like you should do anyway, and refrain from getting too up close and personal with people you don't know... kinda like you should do anyway, and take things one day at a time and ya'll mostly be fine. Over panic bring on stress which reduces the bodies immunity systems which make it easier to get a virus and to be worse effected by it. So lay back, and remember of the words of Bobby McFerrin, taken from Meher Baba.. Don't worry, Be Happy

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Ryan. Yes, the panic buyers are annoying because they're taking things that really are essential for some with health problems. As a freelancer I've been "self isolating" for nearly 40 years but I do like to get out and socialise too. Sadly that's going to change now. I had a brilliant birthday weekend planned too! Ah well, plenty worse off than me of course.

As for hand washing... I already wash my hands numerous times a day so I won't get any greasy marks on the paper or on any comics/books I look at but obviously now I wash them for longer for different reasons.

All the best Ryan. Keep safe.