Monday, 23 March 2020

Shout, shout, let it all out

I spent the weekend drawing Sgt.SHOUTY, a new character I've created for The 77, a new comic coming soon. That's a tiny preview above. I'll have more news about it in the weeks to come, all being well.

How are you all? We're living in ever changing times day by day and it's difficult to adjust to at present isn't it? It's understandable that we may feel isolated and alone but worth remembering that we're all sharing the same anxieties. I hope, in time, our shared experience will bring more kindness and unity to the world for the new society that may emerge from this. 

Be kind to each other, and to yourselves. 



Mj said...

Thanks Lew, it's certainly different to anything before, it's the simple things we used to do without thinking about it that really hit home. I'm using some time to go back to your other blog for an hour or so a day and wend my way through from day 1..when life was relatively normal..

Lew Stringer said...

Yep, and this is just a couple of weeks into it! God knows how society will cope after several months of it. Hope you enjoy the blog while it's still up there. I expect the 'net will go down at some stage.

Manic Man said...

heard some idiots (as in thousands) thought that you could protect yourself by going to the beach.. as a result, rates have shot up and.. more strict things in in force.

oh well. All you can do is what you can do. Follow advice, stop being stuck up on what you eat (as in people that won't eat stuff that's 'okay' but only stuff that is 'good' or better..) and when you do need to go out, don't be such a bastard about it (sorry, in East Sussex last night about 4 ambulances were vandalised.. not nice folks) and some people I've had contact with online appear to be.. cracking..

If people stopped panicking and being gits, this'll be dealt with much quicker and easier.. but nope.. can't expect that can we? oh well.. Best thing to do is just relax and take things as easy as you can

Lew Stringer said...

I think one of the best things to do is try to avoid reading the stories about the idiots as much as possible. We're in a period of adjustment and everything is changing for the worst every day so far so we need to limit our time watching the news (maybe once or twice a day, not all the time) and try to focus on uplifting stuff like music or other entertainment.

Admittedly I'm preaching to myself there as much as anyone because I've been guilty of being glued to the news most of the day and getting depressed over it. I need to take my own advice. You're right that we need to try and relax. Take care Ryan and thanks for commenting.

McSCOTTY said...

Its not a great time but hopefully we will all come through it healthier, kinder and wiser. I agree the TV etc reports should not be viewed/read 24/7 or the massive amount of (sometime mischievous) misinformation on the internet. As for the selfish "idiots" sadly they're everywhere in the UK BUT for every self obsessed numpty out there are 100 plus decent helpful folk performing untold acts of kindness, even blogs like this with nice " take care" messages, it all helps. I don't think things will be the same for a long time after this has hopefully passed maybe that will be one of the few pluses in all this. Take care

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Paul. Look after yourself.