Sunday, 1 November 2020

Elephant on a trampoline

Here's a sneak preview of next week's episode of Ellis's Great Escapes! I've enjoyed doing this series. The premise might seem limited, with Ellis being in his compound every week, but the challenge as a writer / artist is coming up with ways for him to escape by the end of each strip, - and all in five or six panels. 

You can read the full story in Beano No.4060 when it arrives in shops on Wednesday 4th November! Here's the cover by Nigel Parkinson to look out for:

Obviously with lockdown taking place from Thursday you might have difficulty finding shops that are open that sell comics, but I reccommend taking out a subscription (which is what I did) which actually works out cheaper. Follow this link:

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Manic Man said...

nice work as normal.

very sorry about this but.. since i'm not really on many forums and such for.. reasons, Can I ask a kinda unrelated question to people reading this if they can help me out? I've been trying to track down a book from childhood for years and when I finally think I've found it and got a copy, turns out to be the wrong one (but still a good book).. it was the mid to late 90s, a Beano Dennis the Menace collection book. Hardcover (which like some around the time was dark red with gold embossed text) with a dusk jacket). The main thing I can remember, is it did a page and then reprinted a strip about a major revamp of Dennis which 'cause a fuss' and turned out to be a joke. Dennis was given a blue jacket, dark sunglasses and a so call 'cool and hip' style. The strip which turned out hard him like that but end up losing all the extra stuff by the end anyway.

I thought it might have been 50 years of menacing, but not only was that too late (2001 which might have been possible but not really sure), and had the right cover under the dust jacket, it turned out NOT to be that book..

This is a book I loved as a child and I don't have because it wasn't mind. It was at my local doctors. And every time I would read it again and again, then it disappeared one day.

again, really sorry to derail this, and I can't even find any information ON that Dennis revamp.,, its just driving me mad after.. well, atleast 20 years now... boy, I feel old..