Thursday, 2 January 2020

Team Toxic does Star Wars (Toxic magazine, 2005)

As most of you know, I did Team Toxic in Toxic magazine for 16 years until it went reprint a year ago. The characters embarked on bizarre adventures every issue and there was no limit to the scope, so the Team could face bizarre villains on Earth, in space, under the sea, or in other dimensions.
In issue 42, way back in 2005, I had them visit an alien planet for a Star Wars spoof... or at least as much as a Star Wars spoof I could fit into 11 panels! I'll show the coloured and lettered finished version one day (when I dig that issue out of whichever box it's residing in) but for now here's the black and white art I drew. You can probably follow the plot without the script, but basically the princess is upset 'cos her boyfriend has turned to the dark side. However, in the end it's revealed he only wore the helmet and turned stroppy because he'd developed spots and was unhappy. But his beloved doesn't mind so it's happy ever after. 


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