Saturday, 4 January 2020

Did you miss TV21 No.243?

Back in 2014, Network issued a Supermarionation box set that included DVDs, Blu-Rays, cards... and a special issue of TV21 continuing from where the first series left off in 1969. A full tabloid-sized 24 page edition designed by editor Martin Cater to look like the TV21 comics of the period.

It was an expensive box set, and you couldn't buy the comic separately, but now you can! Priced at just £1.25, copies are available from The Official Gerry Anderson Store at this link:

Admittedly if you want the "free gift" you have to buy that separately but at least you have that choice:

I was one of the contributing artists/writers, producing a brand new Zoony the Lazoon strip for the comic. Other contributors included John Freeman, Mike Collins, John Burns, Brian Williamson. Paul McCaffrey, Gerry Embleton, Martin Asbury and more! 

I'm sure this offer won't run forever so rush over to the Gerry Anderson Store to grab your edition now!



Search Engine Evader said...

Thanks for the tip-off Lew. £1.25 is a great discount, it's just a shame that the UK postage price is £3.80! (I for one would have been happy with is placed in a A4 envelope with a sheet of cardboard and a second class stamp, but hey ho, it's still cheaper all in than the previous price)

Remember how scholl classrooms used to have a stash of comics for children to read when it rained and we weren't allowed out for a break? That's where my few copies of the original TV21 hail from (if we asked our teacher very nicely she would allow us to take the odd one home). My copies are ripped, torn, creased with the puzzle pages usually filled in but with artwork by Bellamy, Noble, Emableton et al to look at, who cares?

Lew Stringer said...

Ah yes, I remember "wet day comics" as we called them at our school. That's where I first saw The Trigan Empire in Look and Learn. I offered to buy a couple from the school but the teacher let me have them, and I started buying it every week after that (from newsagents of course, not from school).

The postage is steep for one copy of TV21 but it's packaged flat and very securely.

SID said...

Gaaaahhh!!! I just got mine delivered (ordered it when it was £3.99).

Nevermind. Still worth it and certainly cheaper than the £100 set (which I also got originally).

Lew Stringer said...

Agh, that's a shame. Yes, that box set was too much for me. I don't know how many they sold if they're now selling the bits and bobs separately (they only made 2,500 I think).

They also did a Joe 90 comic, superbly drawn by Paul McCaffrey. Not in the old Top Secret format, but more of a slim comic book. I don't have that but hope they sell those separately one day.

john ossowski said...

Well thats brilliant. I am in my 60s and still have my collection. Tried to get this 243 to complete it. Offer? "nowhere" and definitely cannot afford full price. So a die hard has no access to his favourite stuff. Many thanks for the chance to have legend "Mike Noble" art he was amazing.
John O