Thursday, 9 January 2020

It's Daft Day!

Today's the day the first Doctor Who Magazine of 2020 hits the shops and it's a cracker! There's a new Daft Dimension strip from me, and I can't show any more than the fraction of a panel above or it'll spoil the gag. 

The rest of the magazine is of course packed with news, interviews, reviews, and exclusive advance previews of the next four episodes of the new series of Doctor Who. Plus the regular Doctor Who comic strip. 

You have a choice of formats for this issue. You can buy the regular 84 page magazine on its own for £5.99...
...or you can buy the exclusive Deluxe Edition pack from WH Smith that includes the magazine in a bag with an exclusive 76 minute CD, an extra 32 page bonus comic, a double-sided poster, an art card, and stickers for £9.99. 
Incidentally, the bonus comic reprints classic Dr.Who stories from TV Action and other sources. Art by Gerry Haylock, Frank Langford, and others. All good stuff!
Doctor Who Magazine No.547, out now! 



MASTERFUL1968 said...

So we have to PAY for the "FREE GIFTS" now? The days are gone when it would have free skin transfers and now we have to pay for the privilege?? They're not "free" then are they?

Lew Stringer said...

No one has called these items free gifts. It doesn't say free on the cover, it doesn't say free in my post. You're quoting something that isn't there.

James Spiring said...

Well, I think a CD and an extra 32 page mag (which apparently is comics material featuring the Master) justify that additional £4 expense. The CD would probably retail for more than that anyway.

If the gifts really were free, you probably wouldn't be getting a CD, not nowadays. It's no coincidence that newspapers no longer give CDs and DVDs away either.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, it's a good package. Now I've actually seen it, the bonus mag is actually a comic reprinting Dr.Who strips from Countdown and old issues of DWM.